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allesblinkt is Benjamin Maus with varying collaborators – a bureau for art and invention.
It produces installations and apparatuses.

Here is a selection of projects that evolved over the past years.

Round About Four Dimensions (2023)

Round About Four Dimensions

Apparatus for projecting a four-dimensional cube to a three-dimensional object. CERN, Switzerland

Wette auf die Zukunft (2021)

Wette auf die Zukunft

A robot with an airship and a website in an exhibtion.

In Thy Domain (2020)

In Thy Domain

A live audiovisual album for Fred Mann

Candle Robot (2019)

Candle Robot

An industrial robot perpetually celebrates its birthday by putting small candles on cakes, lighting them
with a lighter and then blowing them out. On exhibit at Städtische Gallerie Wolfsburg as part Malte Bartsch’s solo exhibition Auto Modus 2.

KeySense (2019)


An optical piano key sensing device senses key presses and velocities of
piano keys on any 88 key piano or keyboard instrument. It can be quickly installed without
any modifications to the piano by resting it on the left and right key blocks of the piano.

Public Face II.B Hamburg (2018)

Public Face II.B Hamburg

Mechanical neon light sculpture measuring the mood of the city. Rebuild for a bridge in Hamburg. This is a new version of the original Public Face II

Fake Star (2018)

Fake Star

The Fake Star artistic intervention creates the illusion of an additional star in the night sky. It consists of a fully-autonomous kite which, depending on the available wind, starts and lands from a computer-controlled ground station.

Konsul (2017)


Analog mixing console with digital controls.

Jller (2015)


Jller is part of an ongoing research project in the fields of industrial automation and historical geology. It is an apparatus, that sorts pebbles from a specific river by their geologic age. The stones were taken from the stream bed of the German river Jller, shortly before it merges with the Danube.

Leiterblitz (2014)


The Leiterblitz (Wireflash) apparatus is an artwork and an experimentation device to study the effects of high
electrical energy applied to thin metal wire. The sole function of this apparatus is to repeatedly stretch
very thin metal wire between two brass electrodes and apply a lot of electrical energy in a very short
amount of time, thus exploding the wire.

Organ (2014)


Pipe organ, control electronics and devices to operate the organ in a non-organ like fashion.

Public Face II (2010)

Public Face II

Mechanical neon light sculpture measuring the mood of the city.

Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus (2009)

Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus

Drawing machine illustrating a never-ending story by the use of
patent drawings.